Today I Learned (April 09, 2024)

That you can fake running on the main branch in GitLab CI/CD by setting CI_COMMIT_BRANCH

Let’s say you have a rules block that prevents running your pipeline on any other branch than the main branch

    - if: '$CI_COMMIT_BRANCH == "main"'

and let’s assume you want to test a change to a job that will only be run on the main branch, how do we do that before merging to main? Well, GitLab CI/CD let’s you run a pipeline on demand (via Pipelines > Run Pipeline) and the input form accepts overrides for variables. In particular, we may just override CI_COMMIT_BRANCH with main and the job the-job will now be executed as though we were on the main branch.

Arq backup to NAS requires a correct UNC path

I use Arq to backup both my work and my private computer. Arq works very well out of the box, but since a couple of weeks, the backups to my NAS were failing. Apparently, the connection URL that I was using, wasn’t working anymore. Luckily the fix is simple if you connect to your NAS volume via Finder—run CMD + k and select your NAS volume—and then find out the UNC path via CMD + i on the mounted volume. Now, create a new storage location in Arq using the UNC path (make sure to strip the protocol prefix smb:) and a new backup plan for this new storage location and everything should work again. :)