Today I Learned (April 08, 2024)

How to view DICOM medical imaging files in macOS

Download the Horos app. E.g. using brew:

brew update && brew install --cask horos

How to export local environment modifications in Nushell

By prefixing a function with --env, the local changes to the environment are exported outside of the function context:

$ def --env foo [] { $env.BAR = "BAZ" } 
$ foo
$ $env.BAR


That it’s possible to refactor rule conditions in GitLab CI/CD using the custom !reference tag

E.g. potential useful to merge common and specialized rules:

  if_on_main: '$CI_COMMIT_BRANCH == "main"' # Only run on "main"

    - echo "Deploying to PROD!"
    - if: !reference [.common_rules, if_on_main]
      when: manual

:information_source: ( !reference documentation

:bulb: Also works with rules defined in external YAML files included using the include directive.