Today I Learned (April 01, 2024)

That I can use custom templates with the Obsidian Daily Notes plug in

  1. Add a template file under location <the-location>
  2. Set the template file in Settings > Daily Notes > Template File Location (you may also specify the location where to put new daily notes — e.g. if you want to use a separate folder for all your daily notes)
  • :link: Daily notes plug in (setting up custom daily notes template)
  • :link: Template functions (template functions) ## How to use qualified module imports in Nushell Let’s say we have a source code module as such
# nushell/
export def hi [] {
  print "Hi!"

then we may import this with the qualifier greeters by executing

$ use nushell/ # By not specifing any name or '*', the module is imported under name `greeters`
$ greeters hi