Today I Learned (March 26, 2024)

That it’s possible to install specific versions of a package with apt

To list available versions of a package (e.g. rustc), run

$ apt list --all-versions rustc
rustc/jammy-updates,jammy-security 1.75.0+dfsg0ubuntu1~bpo0-0ubuntu0.22.04 arm64
rustc/jammy 1.58.1+dfsg1~ubuntu1-0ubuntu2 arm64

To install a specific version, use e.g.

apt update && apt install -y rustc=1.58

That AI may be making your code worse (StackOverflow podcast)

  • Code churn is reduced by use of AI (less code is being replaced)
  • AI often suggests code that already exists. This leads to more duplicate code
  • Human dev’s reuse code (move code); AI often only suggests adding code
  • Does adding the project code to the context help? Maybe (no successful precedent yet).

:link: Is AI Making Your Code Worse